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Spider-OS site is back
2019 Aug 10

Hello readers, the site has been unavailable for a few days. Sorry.

Everything is restored today. I take this opportunity to tell you that I received my Raspberry Pi 4, and you will have some posts about it.

Comments :

2019 Aug 11 05:43

Wohoo, back online!
Glad you received your new raspberry pi! Did you order the 4gb model?

Also, since its quite different from its predecessors, do you think old spider-os code will run on this?

Btw your RSS feed works like a charm ;)

Aran (webmaster)
2019 Aug 11 09:35

It's a model 1 GB. The other models were out of stock, and I did not have the patience to wait a month ;-)
For assembler programming, it's more than enough ;-)
Anyway, I think to acquire a next version, especially when the problem of overheating will be resolved. I noticed that the temperature is quite high on the components, especially when the Raspbian system is started. I will add a small heat sink.

Actually I'll have to adjust my code for Pi 4.
There are, for example, changes in the serial communication, the USB component, and the Videocore which goes to version 6.
I will post articles accordingly.

Glad that the Rss feed is operational.

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