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Website change to post comments.
2019 Jan 19

Hi, here is an important change of my site, which now allows you to post comments. To do this you must click on the post title, and then create an account (with the link registration).

A nice job that allowed me to discover HTML, PHP and SQL queries. Of course, Google is our friend, but I want to recommend a free online training site, which has helped me a lot: https://openclassrooms.com/en/. The majority of classes are however in French.

Comments :

2019 Feb 6 01:12

I really like the simplicity of your website. Good job! :)

Tho, an RSS feed would be nice. (Just noticed your a french speaker, j en suis un moi meme haha)

Im looking forward to your project! Looks fun :)
(Oh and, if you need any help with css, im your guy)
Aran (webmaster)
2019 Feb 7 18:40

Thank you, yes the website is simple, but I intend to improve it over time.
Why not a RSS feed when there will be a little more activity ;-)

Bonjour, ah cela fait du bien de parler sa langue maternelle :-) I wanted this site in English so that a maximum of person can enjoy it .
See you soon.

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