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State of play
2019 Jan 25

I started programming Spider-OS, more than a year ago before this website, and several elements are now realized.

The system runs on Raspberry Pi 2 and Pi 3 (the Neon component is needed).

Here is the list of modules made in assembly language ;-) :
  • the kernel with interrupt management
  • UART PL011 serial unit, it allows me to debug
  • the display via the framebuffer and the mailbox, and Videocore (difficult to program the Videocore, because the available documentation is limited)
  • a memory allocation module
  • USB support : support keyboards, and some keys : a lot of work to operate the USB correctly, but hey it is so essential
  • SD port : read SD cards, with FAT32 format supported
  • the different timers (Generic, local, system): necessary for multitask in particular
  • the user interface with window management
  • One of the many documentations I used for this work : BCM2835-ARM-Peripherals.pdf
    This is the documentation on the main component of Raspberry Pi.

    Here I am now designing the keypad command interpreter.

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