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Website change to post comments.
2019 Jan 19

Hi, here is an important change of my site, which now allows you to post comments. To do this you must click on the post title, and then create an account (with the link registration).

A nice job that allowed me to discover HTML, PHP and SQL queries. Of course, Google is our friend, but I want to recommend a free online training site, which has helped me a lot: The majority of classes are however in French.

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2019 Jan 8
Logo Raspberry Pi

Welcome to my website. I just opened it on January 8, 2019.

It is dedicated to the Raspberry Pi and more particularly to the design of a new operating system. I work on this project in my spare time. That's right, there is a multitude. But often based on Linux. The idea is to design a system from scratch. In order to obtain a truly optimized system in terms of size and power.

The challenge that I have set for myself is to do all the programming in assembly language. It's difficult, and I would not be able to make a modern operating system like today's. But my ambition is quite different. This is to make the Raspberry a computer that starts very quickly, and gives access to a programming interface. Like a Python interpreter, for example. And to be able to control the whole house with home automation.

Several protocols interest me, especially wireless ones, like Zigbee. More and more connected objects can now be controlled by smartphone. The interest of Raspberry would be to be able to drive all these objects centrally. And especially to make programs to drive them!

No more online interfaces, and dependent on an external website, that we do not master. The Raspberry Pi may be offline.

Here is the general idea.

I will update this web site in parallel with the design of this spider-os operating system.

For now you can post your comments on:


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